Some fabulously rich Pakistanis keep their wealth abroad. The masses condemn it as a horrific disloyalty to the motherland. The condemnation exposes the masses utter ignorance of the reality. The masses must know that the Pakistanis who keep their wealth abroad have a very cogent reason. The reason is that robberies and dacoities are rampant in the country. Anyone could be robbed of his wealth any moment. The Pakistani robbers have developed a stronger sniffing sense than the sniffer dogs have. Under such circumstances if a Pakistani keeps his wealth in the country he only tempts the robbers to deprive him of his wealth. If robbery is an offence then tempting the robbers to rob is a greater offence. There is another reason why some Pakistanis keep their wealth in the West. The social life in Pakistan is a horrible drudgery. The wealthy Pakistanis have a passion for enjoying their wealth by living a princely life. But there are no opportunities available in the country for such a living. Obviously, they can enjoy their wealth only in the West. The West offers them a fabulously wide variety of revelries. There are dancing clubs there were the wealthy Pakistanis, even if too aged can dance with young girls. The dancing would electrify their wobbling bodies. There are drinking clubs there. There are gambling clubs where the Pakistanis can burn their wealth and enjoy the conflagration. When the westerners watch the Pakistanis enjoying a fabulously luxurious life, they get jealous. The Pakistanis enjoy the jealousy. One must be curious to know how the fabulously rich Pakistanis get their wealth. Of course, some of them get it by fair means. But most of them get it by extremely mysterious means. They keep magically sucking the countrys wealth. The country feels the distress but is unable to do anything about it. When it is almost completely sucked, its very existence is endangered. In order to escape extinction, it borrows money from abroad. The money-suckers get jubilant. They start sucking the borrowed money. When the money is completely sucked, the country is again in agony about its very survival. It again borrows money from abroad. Again the sucking is in full swing. It has been going on and on like this almost throughout the countrys history. Pakistan is cursed wit two brands of robbery. There are robbers who rob the citizens and there are robbers who rob the country. The masses are in agony. They are lamenting: Oh God When would we be rid of robberies? Most of the Pakistanis are eternally underfed. Because of their underfeeding they develop fatal diseases. The diseases despatch them underground where they are freed from underfeeding forever. What a liberation from underfeeding Lets have another look at the fabulously rich Pakistanis. With just a little bit of their wealth they can easily relieve the underfed Pakistanis of their underfeeding. But they dont help the underfed. They have a moral reason. They believe that the underfed Pakistanis are sent into the world by Destiny for dying underfed. Feeding the underfed would be a rebellion against Destiny. And they cant afford to offend Destiny. If offended, Destiny might avenge the insult by stripping them of their wealth. Economically, Pakistan is a land of two ethnic groups: the masses and the non-masses. The masses are poverty incarnate. The non-masses are affluence incarnate. The lifestyle of the masses is the lifestyle of the worms. The lifestyle of the non-masses is the lifestyle of the sybarites. The masses spend every single moment of their life in Pakistan. The non-masses love to spend as much of their time abroad as possible. Consequently, they keep regularly flying between Pakistan and the West. The masses cant afford to educate their children. The non-masses educate their children in the West. When the non-masses fall sick, they fly straight to foreign clinics. If accidentally they die there the dead bodies are flown to Pakistan in accordance with their will. They love to enjoy life in the West. But they hate to be buried there. When the masses fall sick, they fly straight to the graveyards. The graveyards are their only clinics. The writer is an academic.