When issuing visa to westerners in general and the Americans in particular, Pakistan should follow a policy similar to the one Washington has for Pakistani citizens applying for US visa. For starters, the Americans must be asked to present a 'valid passport including copies of all old passports issued prior to the 'valid one. They must give complete statements of their bank accounts of the last 10 years. This is to ensure that they would not be paid out of the aid money given to Pakistan by the IMF/WB/USAID. The American applicants must also get all papers attested by a class 1 prayer-leader based in the US/Europe or the country they are coming from. They should give names of all friends and acquaintances they have been in touch with in the last 10 years (computer address book). They must also submit their tax record of the last 10 years. They must also disclose in the application whether they have ever visited Israel. They must deposit a non-refundable fee for investigations of their case. Finally, they should do all this one month in advance of their proposed visit. Let them do all of this, this just as our compatriots necessarily have to do in order have a visa to US. Only then, should they be allowed to enter our country. Welcome to Pakistan -S. AMIR, Lahore, February 27.