For a better life, one also has to take care that one takes only clean and hygienic food. A large population of Pakistan is stricken with poverty so it has to take food from roadside stalls, chahppar hotels, dhabaas and juice stalls where the food is cheaper in price even though maintenance of hygiene is a perennial problem. It is commonly noticed that plates, mugs, glasses and cups in these places are often reused or washed in a single pan of water the whole day. A recent research has shown that this problem is basic cause of the outrage of Hepatitis cases as well as liver and stomach diseases among the poor. Recently, the authorities in Lahore have decided to address this problem by introducing disposable utensils in such hangouts. I think this could be a very effective step towards better, more hygienic roadside stall environment. It should be introduced all over the country by the order of both provincial and federal governments and some standards should also be set for manufacturers of these disposable utensils. -MARYAM IMTIAZ, Karachi, March 2.