A PRACTICAL joker went to extraordinary lengths to secure a unique driving licence photo - by shaving off half of his hair and half of his beard on opposite sides of his head.

And the 26-year-old was so delighted with the finished look he showed off the result with step-by-step pictures on the social network website Reddit under the username of Adam Bard.

The end result left Adam, from British Columbia, Canada, with two completely different looks on either side of his head.

On his right side, Adam still has a full crop of thick brown hair and is freshly clean shaven. But on his left side, he looked like a completely different person, with a shaved head and full beard.

His post, entitled 'I decided to do a novelty driver's licence. How did I do?', on Reddit has received an incredible 6,094,048 views. Adam, a software developer, has been inundated with more than 1,000 personal messages on the site.              –DM

He told of his difficulties in finding the right shaving technique, the reaction when he went to get the driving licence photo done, and how he still went into work the next day after making the chop. He wrote: 'They deliberately said nothing, then broke down and asked me if I just did it for the photo. Some chuckles, no problems.                                –DM