LAHORE - The PML-N on Sunday accepted within party fold Marvi Memon, the brilliant daughter of former information minister Nisar Memon, who headed General Musharraf’s media team for a couple of years.

On the other hand, PML-N President Nawaz Sharif said they would accept the Chaudhrys of Gujrat back in the party only after they sought apology from the nation and pledge not to support dictators in future.

Marvi , who showered praises on the PML-N leadership for its anti-Musharraf stance after joining its ranks, had kept on defending the former president and his policies in media for three years before leaving the party (PML-Q) he had created to prolong his dictatorial rule. It was only after Musharraf’s exit from the country that she resigned in June 2011 as MNA while taking a ‘principled stance’.

“I realised after three years that it was not possible for me to do politics while remaining part of the establishment’s party,” she told media during a news conference at Raiwind after meeting Nawaz Sharif who also sat beside her to welcome the newcomer. Senior party leaders including Syed Ghaus Ali Shah, Iqbal Zafar Jhagra and others were also present on the occasion.

Surprisingly enough, she took a jibe at the very party she had just joined by saying she had reached the conclusion (that of not working with an establishment party) in only three-year time, whereas others took 15 years to do so.

“All others (an implicit reference to PML-N) took well over 15 years to realise this but I had this realisation in only three years,” she remarked while justifying her decision to join the PML-N.

It may be noted that the 15-year reference dropped by Marvi applies only to the PML-N, as it was considered close to the establishment and which dissociated itself from it at a later stage after the military takeover by Musharraf.

During the course of the media talk, Marvi presented a number of good reasons to defend her joining the PML-N. “I have found PML-N a politically mature party compared to others. All doubts about Mian Nawaz Sharif have been removed after meeting him.”

The impression of PML-N leaders being arrogant and the propaganda against them seemed to be untrue after she met Nawaz, Shahbaz, Saad Rafique and Pervaiz Rashid, Marvi added.

“I have reached the conclusion that all the propaganda against them has nothing to do with reality.”

Marvi, a banker turned politician, said when the PML-N was busy in a struggle against Musharraf, it was something very difficult for him to understand.

“Now I have come to realise that it was a fight against the establishment and dictatorship,” she observed, adding that only the PML-N was doing principled-based politics and a true heir to the political legacy of Quaid’s Muslim League.

Marvi said she would work in the party as ordinary worker which had the implied meanings that she would not accept any office in the near future.

“I have found the values dear to me in the PML-N,” she said, adding that the party leadership was sober and quite mature and gave importance to youth.

Marvi said she had seen no arrogance in the party leaders. “They analyse and understand the issues in depth. I am honoured and privileged to be part of the PML-N,” she remarked.

When asked what she would be her stance before leaving the PML-N, she said: “Things would not go to that extent.”

She said Punjab presented the best example of good governance and other provinces should follow the suit.

She said the PML- N was a progressive party believing in human rights and opposed extremism.

Marvi stressed Pakistan needed a leadership which believed in rule of law, democracy and independent of judiciary. She said she was not power hungry, proved by her resignation as MNA.

Speaking on the occasion, Nawaz said there was complete unanimity of views between him and Marvi. He said he never changed his thinking for the sake of democracy and democratic values.

Extending a warm welcome to her, Nawaz said several politicians had been in the politics of establishment for the last one decade.

He said women like Marvi were a requirement of the party that would make best use of her to achieve the set objectives.

Nawaz told media that Marvi would contest coming general election on a general seat as she had the potential to be elected from anywhere in the country.

He said his party always stood for the truth and was against establishment for the very reason, adding that power acquired through establishment’s support was of no use, it did not help resolving of people’s problems.

Nawaz said there would be no compromise on principles on any issue. “We have learnt lesson from the past mistakes and have reformed ourselves.”

To a question, he said the PPP had deviated from its objectives and principles for which it had rendered sacrifices. “Now it is doing politics of ‘mook muka’,” he remarked.

On 20th Amendment, he said his party also faced the blame of doing mook muka but they did so in the national interest, adding that the amendment had paved the way for transparent interim government and no party could challenge the authenticity of elections after the legislation.

To a question about accepting the Chaudhrys of Gujrat, he reiterated his earlier stance that the PML-N would accept them in the party provided they sought apology from the nation and pledge not to support any dictator in future.

Talking about All Parties Conference (APC), he said the government never implemented the decisions of any APC and Parliament’s resolutions, adding that his party would not participate in the meeting unless the killers of Akbar Bugti were brought before a court and missing persons returned to their homes.

He said the government should give good news to the nation regarding early elections, adding that the PML-N was still demanding snap polls because the present government had failed to deliver.

When asked to comment on a recent statement of the prime minister, he said Gilani would say one thing today and absolutely a different the other day on the same issue. The PM’s behaviour was unbecoming of his office, he asserted.

Nawaz praised Shahbaz, saying those talking about a change should see it in a practical form in Punjab. He lauded establishment of Daanish Schools and distribution of laptops among brilliant students and asked the PPP to do the same in Sindh.

He said the Punjab government had chalked out a comprehensive development plan which would be unveiled on March 8 by the Punjab chief minister.