WAZIRABAD - Robbers shot down a newly married woman and tortured her husband, in a dacoity bid on GT road near Jandiala Dhabwala here the other day.

According to details, the couple from Gujranwala Khalil Ahmad and Fouzia were married a week ago.

The couple were on their way home on their motorcycle from Wazirabad after buying fish, when they were intercepted by three robbers on two motorcycles.

The dacoits robbed gold jewellery from the bride and snatched their mobile phones as well.

Afterwards one robber moved towards the bride Fouzia to check if she was hiding another jewellery item, but she resisted. At which the robber shot her several times, killing her instantly.

They also tortured Khalil and managed to escape with his motorcycle. Some passing cars rushed Khalil to the THQ along with Fouzia’s corpse.

Sadar Police are investigating the incident.