PESHAWAR  - The government installed 14 electricity transformers and 15 hand pumps in flood-affected areas in order to restore the damaged electricity system and provide clean drinking water to the local communities of Malakand Agency.

Official sources told APP here on Sunday that 14 electricity transformers of 200 KVA, 100 KVA and 50 KVA have been installed in villages including Pul Sawakai, Bahadar pump, Tara hotel, Malakand Inn, PTDC, Sana Abad, Khairo, Sugyar, Gharib Abad, Thrai, Hisar Baba1, Hisar Baba2, Samarsta and Kalangai of Malakand district to address low voltage problems. After installation of these transformers and other accessories the electricity system in these areas has been restored. To provide clean drinking water to the flood affected areas of Malakand district, 15 Hand pumps have been installed in six villages including, Jalawanan, Hisar, Hisar Baba, Gharibabad, Kalangai and Smasusar. One hand pump has been installed in each flood-affected area and fifteen water points have been created to provide clean drinking water to the communities.  Malakand district is one of the worst affected areas of the province where the floods badly damaged the main infrastructure.

The government has also completed the rehabilitation of three governments schools in Upper Dir. Necessary furniture have been provided to the schools in order to restore educational activities in these institutions.