OKARA - Police conducted a raid on a house where a dead buffalo was being slaughtered but the accused managed to escape.

The police took the slaughtered buffalo in their custody. The buffalo of one Yasin, a resident of Basirpur, died and he threw it besides a road.. Meanwhile, Mohammad Hussain, Hameed Zafar, Sabir etc came by a pick up and took away the dead buffalo. Having slaughtered it they started making meat. Veterinary Doctor Shahid Mumtaz, the officer of Vet. Hospital, reached the site with the police but the accused managed to escape.

ABDUCTIONS: Two women abducted a one-and-a-half-year-old child in 38/D. They also took away gold ornaments and a cash of Rs 40.000. The other incident of kidnapping took place in 1/SP Wasawaywala. Minor daughter Soniya of Mohammad Hanif was kidnapped..

ACID THROWN ON YOUTH: A man threw acid on the face of a youth in Mohalla Zahidpura in Hujra Shah Muqeem. Face and body of the youth burnt.

Police arrested the accused. Ali was at his home when one Yahya barged into the former’s house and threw the acid on his face. As a result, his face and body were burnt.

He was shifted to a hospital. The cause of the incident was some minor dispute.