LAHORE – Instead of asking others to seek forgiveness of the people, PML-N chief Nawaz Sharif should himself seek apology from the masses for taking a uniformed president into the parliament, PML-Q chief Chaudhry Shujaat Hussain has said.

Talking to media after attending the last rituals of party leader Akram Masih Gill’s mother at a local church on Sunday, he said Nawaz Sharif invited a uniformed president to address the parliament and he himself too was brought to power by a dictator.

“We never committed any sin and will never seek any apology,” Shujaat stated in response to a call from Nawaz Sharif that Shujaat should first apologise from the nation for supporting Gen Musharraf if his party wanted an alliance with the PML-N.

Alleging the PML-N for practising revengeful political trends, Ch Shujaat said that no alliance would be made with the PML-N for power sharing. However, his party was willing to talk to anyone in the larger interest of the country and ready to attend all-party conference on Balochistan issue.

To a question he said that the proceedings of the memogate should have not been held as it this case is maligning the army and the people who are against the army are behind this case. He held that it was a wrong trend to run a trail over the allegations of a person who was not present in the country. He said such conspiracies were hatched to pitch the state institutions against each other.

He congratulated Senator-elect Kamil Ali Agha over his success. Agha on this occasion claimed that he secured 11 votes of PML-N lawmakers during the Senate elections, while Shujaat also managed 10 votes of the PPP for his success. He alleged that PML-N leadership bought 12 votes of the PPP for Mohsin Leghari.