ISLAMABAD – This time President Asif Ali Zardari is to offer senate’s top slot to Balochistan province as a major political flip toward winning the hearts of estranged Baloch nationalist forces.

Sources said on Sunday that PPP Co-Chairman Zardari has tossed this proposal with his close aides ahead of party’s core committee meeting expected in next few days to decide about the next chairman and deputy chairman of parliament’s upper house, scheduled to meet on March 12.

However, Qamar Zaman Kaira, central information secretary of the ruling PPP termed this proposition a premature affair saying the leadership has yet to take a decision on the issue. Without giving a timeline, Karia said that PPP leadership would soon discuss these issues and decide them with consensus of its allied parties  including PML-Q, ANP, MQM and others  as per its policy of national reconciliation.

But sources privy to the developments in the Presidency insisted that President Zardari would convince the party colleagues over his proposal of offering the senate chairmanship to Balochistan in the best national interest. However, some other credible sources from within the ruling party maintained that the co-chairman would again offer the powerful slot to his loyal Senator Farooq Hamid Naek.

As the issue has yet to be decided by the ruling PPP, its allied parties have interestingly taken tough positions ahead of the crucial election ostensibly to drive maximum dividends. Two important components of the ruling alliance  the ANP and PML-Q  have already started flexing their muscle for securing good bargains as both have shown their interest in the slot of deputy chairman.

Sources in the ANP told this scribe that ANP might also demand chairmanship of the upper house in case PPP leadership comes up with the final proposal of offering the slot to Balochistan province. “ANP has emerged as the second largest allied parliamentary party within the ruling alliance, therefore it will not compromise its due right and share in the government this time “, ANP sources said, hopping that other allied parties including the PPP would do exhibit sprit of accommodation.

Sources in the ruling alliance maintained that the allied parties while discussing the issue of senate election would impress upon the PPP leadership for equitable share in the federal cabinet as well as in the important senate house committees.