OKARA - In separate incidents, robbers looted gold ornaments, cellphones and electronic appliances here.  The first incident took place in 15/D where eight armed men barged into the house of Mohammad Khalid. They held the family at gunpoint and made off with gold ornaments worth Rs900,000 and a cash of Rs.1,75,000. The second incident took place in Fateh Town. From the house of Lecturer Mrs Khursheed Abbas, three robbers looted gold ornaments a cash Rs45,000 and a motorcycle.  Likewise in 4/1 AL, two motorcyclists held one Rana M Fiaz at gunpoint and snatched Rs.1,73,000. The 4th dacoity took place in Hamid Shah Colony of Depalpur in the house of one Mohammad Iqbal. Four armed men snatched cash and gold ornaments worth Rs2 million.  Similarly in the village 5/4.L at the house of Ashraf, robbers looted gold ornaments, cash and mobiles. There from Sahiwal Fida Shah along with his friends was going to Lahore in a van. On their way, seven armed men snatched cash, mobiles and the van.