THE key to a perfect night’s sleep is going to bed at exactly 10pm, wearing pyjamas and enjoying a cup of tea beforehand, it was revealed yesterday.

A survey of 2,000 adults who claim to enjoy an undisturbed sleep every night of the week highlights how they do it. It shows you should have at least two hours and seven minutes’ rest in the evening after cooking, washing up and doing the chores. The last food of the day should be eaten by 8.29pm and the last drink, preferably a cup of tea, at 9.10pm.

The average person will watch an hour and 46 minutes of television, opting for soap operas or comedy quiz shows. After going to bed at 10pm in your pyjamas you should spend 20 minutes reading before settling down, lying on your right-hand side facing outwards on the right-hand side of the bed. You will then fall asleep at 10.26pm and not wake up till the alarm goes off at 6.47am.

Tania Johnston, of bedlinen brand Bedeck, said: “Our survey shows all that is needed for a good rest is a chilled-out evening and a bit of routine.”