As reported in TheNation on March 3, the PML-N leader Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan on Friday alleged that money was used in the Senate elections and criticized auction of the seats in the Senate elections. Speaking to media outside the National Assembly, Nisar expressed his dismay at the use of money to influence the ongoing Senate elections, and suggested that the bad fish not only be expelled from the Parliament, but also thrown out of politics completely. He said the leaders of the nation should be elected, not the traders and mercenaries. I think the majority of Pakistanis will appreciate the sentiment but unfortunately there are snags that impede its application. Were the bad fish to be expelled from the Parliament, the August house will not be in a position to perform its sacred functions as it will permanently run short of quorum. The next step suggested that of throwing such characters out of politics, will be even more disastrous as it will stifle the only ‘growth industry’ in Pakistan.


Karachi, March 3.