ADELE may be worth millions - but she would rather be sat at home eating spaghetti hoops than guzzling drinks at fancy parties.

The south London singing sensation is determined to remain down to earth, despite having won 106 awards, nine Grammys, a Golden Globe and now an Oscar. Last week the 24-year-old new mum turned down the chance to go to Elton John’s swanky post-Oscar party, where the menu was orchestrated by Gordon Ramsay.

According to friends, she often travels with her favourite snacks - packets of custard creams and tins of spaghetti hoops - so she can cater for herself at home rather than eat out in fancy restaurants. And in an exclusive interview, one of her aunts revealed that the singer-songwriter - whose full name is Adele Laurie Blue Adkins - is happy to make her own cup of tea when she pops by.

Anita Adkins, older sister of Adele’s mum Penny, watched the Oscars on a live stream on TV at her London home with relatives cheering tearfully on the sofa. The extended Adkins family have been sharing the emotions of Adele’s rise from a teen living in a cramped flat with her single mum to the best-selling female artist in America.

Anita said: “I’m a fan and I cried over her, but she’s my niece and that’s as far as it goes. She doesn’t get any special treatment - of course not. Why would she? There’s plenty of nieces, nephews and grandchildren in this family so no one gets any special treatment, I can tell you. They’re all treated the same. Adele comes round and she’s still got to go and make her nan a cup of tea, I’m afraid.”

Talking about Adele receiving her Oscar, Anita said: “We didn’t expect her to get it, but good on her. There’s not a lot more for her to top now, is there? She’s worked her way through all the awards.

“All the cousins sat up watching it, and of course they’re proud. Adele’s the same as us - when she burst into tears, we all did too. We’re all quite strong but we’re all quite emotional. Adele’s one of us - she burst into tears because she’s happy and overjoyed, and we are too. We feel what she feels.”

Adele was born in Tottenham, north London but grew up in Brixton and West Norwood, south of the river. Her straight- forward south London manner has entertained award ceremony audiences who lap up her heart-on-her-sleeve acceptance speeches. The Sun

 The numbers behind Adele’s

astonishing success

£41,000 earnings a day last year

£10m in Adele’s savings account

26.5m copies sold of Adele’s second album 21

2 years in a row 21 was biggest selling US album (first time ever)