ISLAMABAD - Around 184 officers and constables of Islamabad Police have been illegally occupying the government owned residential buildings in different sectors of the federal capital.Sources said that about 120 police personnel have been occupying government residences since 2007. The Housing Ministry has informed the federal government of the matter. It has been told that all the police officers and other personnel have obtained stay orders from the respective courts. It merits mentioning here that the Supreme Court has issued orders for ridding the government owned residential buildings from illegal occupation. Meanwhile, more than two hundred patroller-vehicles of Operation Division of Islamabad Police that were provided around 500 litres of petrol in the past, are now being given only 300 litres of petrol.  The cut in petrol provision is not in congruence with the increasing crime rate in the city. Certain police high-ups are of the view that the complaint is baseless and the patrolling vehicles are being provided with optimum amount of petrol. 

On the other hand, the situation has increased problems for the Operation Division of Police. Dozens of policemen has asked the Federal Interior Minister to take notice of the matter.