Writing about the massive blackout, TheNation editorial says that apart from not doing something positive, the government has actually tried to prevent the exploitation of the country’s vast hydel potential by catering to the narrow parochial interests and playing politics with Kalabagh dam. May I point out that it is no good blaming the government, the blame lies elsewhere. If a political leader tells the people that Sindh will become a desert if Kalabagh is built, are the ignorant people to blame if they believe her, and is a government to blame if it is hostage to the will of the misled people. The people must be told that it was Benazir Bhutto who is responsible for the blackouts that they are facing and the near drought like conditions in the country.

Here is what Zarah Nasir has said in her recent column, ‘The fact that, thanks to the recent downpour and record breaking snowfall in the northern areas of the country, hydropower producing dams have been topped up means absolutely nothing at all, as in the blink of an eye levels will be, for a variety of reasons, but mainly that of incompetence, back to ‘critical’. And power generation from what should be, if their number had been increased as it should have been years ago, a lifesaver, will dwindle away to zilch - especially when forecast droughts materialise, as, according to climate change specialist, they undoubtedly will’. The country needs big dams and none more so than Kalabagh Dam.


Lahore, February 27.