KARACHI - Investigators have failed to probe the Abbas Town tragedy in which at least 48 citizens lost their lives and over hundred wounded while scores of apartments and shops were destroyed. According to the detail, investigators have so far been unable to ascertain the modus operandi used by terrorists in Abbas Town tragedy. When contacted, a senior police investigator SSP Raja Umar Khattab said rescuers removed the evidence because police could not reached on the spot on time. He said that at least 150 kg explosive was used in the blast along with pellets while many other investigators believed that quantity of explosives was more than 150 kg, because 150 kg explosive is not enough to destroy a building or surrounding areas.

Niaz Khoso said the suspect vehicle used in the blast has been verified but nothing could be done as the terrorists used a tempered-number vehicle for their nefarious design. He said that apparently the blast is very much similar to that of Quetta and the device was exploded with the help of a timer. Police officials believed that the 300 kg explosives recovered form Jannat Gul Town, Sohrab Goth on January 30, was also fixed in the same way in a cab.

Crime Investigation Department SP Fayyaz Khan when contacted said, "We have some evident clues and the matter will be resolve in near future." He believed the blast took place at Ranger's headquarter, North Nazimbad and CID building was very much different because in both blasts, the bombers were also died. It is worth mentioning here that investigators are still clueless in this regard.