KARACHI  - More than 54,000 employees and pensioners of Karachi Metropolitan Corporation (KMC) are yet to get salary and pension of last two months, despite the order of Sindh High Court to clear their dues within 10 days.

Talking to media, Sajjan Union KMC head Syed Zulfiqar Shah said neither the provincial govt nor the KMC administration has shown interest resolving the issue of outstanding salaries and pensions, resulting in serious problems for thousands of families. He said not only salaries and pensions of KMC men are in limbo but fire risk allowance, retired employees fund, leave encashment, gratuity, group insurance and other dues of the employees are also not being paid.

He said since the year 1998, the government is not enhancing OZT grants, while pensions and salaries have enhanced from 1998 to 2013 by up to 300 per cent. He said the KMC needed additional funds of Rs30million every year just to give annual increments to its employees; however, the provincial government is not paying heeds to resolve its financial problems.

He said due to non-payment of salaries, KMC employees cannot feed their families; their children are thrown out of schools for not paying fees and their gas and electricity connections are being cut for not paying utility bills.

He said if the government failed to pay outstanding salaries, pensions and dues to the employees on emergency basis, they would have no choice but take to streets and the government would be responsible for the consequences.