LAHORE – Lawyers and Jewellers were main hindrance in professional tax collection of Excise and Taxation (E&T) department Punjab, said an officer of E&T on Monday.

He said that out of thousands of lawyers only few pay professional tax since they were forced by various firms and department where they perform duties. Their employer demand clearance certificate issued by the E&T otherwise perhaps they also do not come to this obligation, said officer. A tax inspector said that lawyers were of the view that our parliamentarians do not make proper use of the collected tax. During an argument with Excise and Taxation Officer (ETO) claimed that with the collected money of tax their parliamentarian enjoy foreign trips and their family members spend luxurious life. So they would never pay tax for that purpose. He said while quoting the lawyers that first utilization of tax should be made transparent then they would start paying professional tax. Another officer of E&T said that when jewellers were issued notice to pay professional tax their union office-bearers rushed to the E&T office in good number and demanded withdrawal of the tax. They threatened E&T officers that if the tax was not withdrawn they would go on strike, block traffic on roads and even they would go for suicide.