In a city like Peshawar, that has congested roads and frequent terrorist attacks, I find it very surprising to see the flippant way Traffic Police treats the matter of illegal or non-registered cars plying the city roads. Even with the implementation of digitilised number plates in Punjab and KPK more than a decade ago, we still find old type of number plates on many cars, mostly taxis. I believe that with such a dangerous security situation in Peshawar and with the news of only 0.5 percent of the population paying the taxes, driving ones car on Peshawar roads should be a privilege. And the Peshawar city Traffic Police should take action against all the cars that still don’t have digitised their car registration and paid their taxes. These people should not be allowed to use the roads and only those cars that have digital number plates, should be allowed to use the roads. This would help reduce the traffic, improve tax collection and also enforce better security in Peshawar.


Peshawar, February 27.