MULTAN - Former prime minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani has claimed that all big political parties are in favour of South Punjab Province.

Talking to the journalists here on Monday, he added that despite guesses being made by different quarters, the recommendations made by the parliamentary commission had been approved by law and justice committee of the parliament after their approval by the national assembly and senate. He said that all the big political parties had included South Punjab province in their manifestos.

To a question on PML-N coalition with Functional League in Sindh, he said that only those parties would benefit in Sindh which would make alliance with the PPP. He claimed that the PPP supported Functional League in Sindh in last elections and got their candidates elected unopposed. He said that the PPP was neither doing the politics of right or left rather it believed in the politics of reconciliation in larger national interest.

Referring to terrorism and extremism, he said that no single party could eliminate these menaces, asking all political parties to play their role in this regard. He said that because the PPP believed in the politics of reconciliation, it was ready to settle all issues including terrorism on table. To a query regarding former president Musharraf's return to the country, he said that he would be welcomed at the airport. He disclosed that a committee of PPP is reviewing the idea of seat to seat adjustment with the PML-Q.