This letter is to voice my grave concern not on ideological but on logical basis to the column written by Justice Markandey Katju entitled ‘The truth about Pakistan’ published in TheNation of March 2, Mr Katju opined that “Pakistan is a fake state”. Mr Katju is not clear about what he was trying to elaborate. At one place he wrote that the ancestors of 92-93 percent people living in India were not the original inhabitants of India and were immigrants from various parts of the world and on the other hand he wished to see a united India which was made impossible by his own so-called secular leaders of that time. Before 1937 Muslims leaders were in favor of a united India but the very secular Congress (in the Congress Ministries) did not let it happen.

Moreover, mails sent by Justice Katju to Shamshad Ahmad clearly depict the agenda of defaming our national heroes and creating a misunderstanding of our very basis of Pakistan, Two Nation Theory. India is not a secular state and it can never be so. If Aryans had the right to capture the India and made a religion based Hindustan, then why the Muslims had no rights to ask for a separate homeland for their generations to come? I think Mr Katju should start the process of brainstorming from his own country. As a student of History of India and Pakistan I and my whole nation knows better who was the real agent of Britishers. We should try to be friendly instead of blaming and defaming each other. I just want to say that Katju Sahib, the dream of ‘Akhand Bharat’ will never come true, Inshallah.


Faisalabad, March 3.