KARACHI - Karachi Electric Supply Company teams worked through the night in the tragedy-hit Abbas Town and restored power supply to the area in the early hours of Monday morning after having replaced three damaged PMTs and other power distribution equipment.

KESC started restoration work minutes after the blasts and arranged back-up lighting in the affected areas through its own standby generators for the help of its maintenance teams as well as the security and civic agencies. However, during the course of action KESC's underground and overhead restoration work had to at times be put on hold for security clearance from the law enforcement agencies and to give way to cranes and shovels of civic authorities to remove debris from the site. The blasts near Abul Hasan Isphahani Road had caused the Teachers Society Feeder from KDA sub division to trip as well. Two PMTs near Iqra City Complex were completely damaged while another, DSP PMT, had developed severe faults. In addition several spans of supply cable were burnt, broken and damaged. KESC teams mobilized all their resources while working across the night to ensure the earliest restoration of power.

Meanwhile, KESC also extended the due date of bill payment by one day in view of the current situation in the City. Bills with last date of payment falling on March 4 would be received till March 5 (today) without any late payment surcharge. All banks have been informed of the extension.