ISLAMABAD - Everybody is full aware of the fact that Pakistan is facing severe electricity shortage and people are finding it really hard to cope with the worsening situation.

But this fact is of no importance to Pakistan Sports Board (PSB) secretary Fareed Ullah Khan and Director General Technical and Training Akhtar Ganjera who are allegedly forcing the PSB employees to switch on all the lights of the Jinnah Stadium to just enjoy evening walk in the stadium on routine basis.

By doing so they are not only wasting huge amount of the board with excessive electricity bills, but also depriving others of much-needed electricity, which could be utilised on some noble causes. As soon as both these gentlemen enter the Jinnah Stadium in the evening, the employees switch all the lights of the stadium on and both the gentlemen enjoy walk on tracks for two hours or so and this practice continues for the last many days unabatedly.

When this correspondent asked a very responsible person at the PSB and tried to find out reasons for such wastage of electricity, he on condition of anonymity replied: “We have to obey the orders to continue our jobs, as it is the clear instructions of Ganjera to switch on all the lights when secretary comes for a walk inside the Jinnah Stadium. We tried to convey DG Technical our reservations and lodge our protest in the best possible way, but all requests fell on deaf ears.” It is matter of grave concern when two high profile PSB officials never bothered to follow rules and regulations, then how they expect others to follow the same?

The PSB is already violating its own constitution by appointing another DG without fulfilling legal obligations. Former Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani appointed Ganjera as DG Technical and Training just because he was the personal trainer of Gilani. The government high-ups still has not done yet anything to investigate the matter regarding the illegal DG who is allegedly involved in numerous dubious activities and inflicting heavy losses to government exchequer just to cling on to this lucrative post.