ISLAMABAD - Expressing extreme dissatisfaction over the report, the Supreme Court on Monday issued notice to NAB Chairman to explain why criminal negligence is shown in implementing the court order for the arrest of Tauqir Sadiq.

Justice Jawwad S Khawaja, heading a two-member bench, said it seemed from the NAB reports that they wanted to delay the matter and only interested in seeking next date for hearing of the case.

The court noted that Chairman NAB was responsible for the performance of the Bureau.

The bench said its orders have not been implemented and instead efforts are being made to influence its proceedings regarding the case.

Justice Jawwad said that IO in the case was appointed after two months and when he started to probe the case he was transferred in order to delay the matter. When the IO issued warrants, the DG ordered to proceed in the matter afresh.

Rana Zahid Additional Prosecutor General NAB, appearing before the bench, said that efforts were being made to bring him back as it was in the interest of the country. The APG stated that the NAB had given application for Tauqir’s deportation.

Investigation Officer Waqas informed that Tauqir Sadiq had to be brought back on February 27th but a trial court in Dubai further extended stay order for 10 more days.

The court said that Tauqir Sadiq was provided opportunity to flee from the country. The court inquired whether the warrants have issued against those persons who had sent money to Tauqir’s wife.

The IO informed the bench that on 22 February he had sent a report from Dubai in that regard, in which he had also explained about the problems in deportation of Tauqir Sadiq. The court expressed surprise that a report sent 10 days ago had not been submitted in the court yet, while on February 26 the case was heard. “Till to-date we have not received the report,” said Justice Jawwad.

Rana Zahid explained that the Prosecutor General NAB specially had taken this file from him and he was unaware of its content. He said they had sent capable officers to bring back Tauqir Sadiq.

The honourable judge observed that lot of money had been spent but still the result is zero. Justice Khilji Arif Hussain, another member of the bench, said ex-chief Ogra was allowed to withdraw Rs 3 billion from the banks.

The hearing of the case was adjourned till March 7th.