These days there is lot of noise about a music show ‘Pakistan Idol’ and breaking the world record of making the largest human flag. Our nation has been led up the garden path by our belligerent rulers who made tall claims of which they did not keep even one! Can we improve our industry by these acts? Can we generate more power by breaking such records? Economic progress has been given a back seat and as we have become laggards in restoring water and power supply to nourish agriculture and industry that are twin engines of growth.

The critical issue of building hydro electric dams to generate affordable power and industrial growth has been ignored to our own peril. The planners are excited to import power from India at very high cost and to use coal for power generation while abundant source of our God given water resources are not used giving India a license for building more dams on our eastern rivers while we are averse to dams in our country. The lack of water storages has resulted in dwindling irrigated area by as such as 4 per cent in recent years while population keeps on increasing constantly. China and India have built several thousands of hydro electric dams while we have not built a single mega dam in past four decades. Do we even realize where we are headed to?


Lahore, December 3.