Abid Sher Ali said Jamshaid Dasti is the Veena Malik of parliament! With all due respect if this statement is true then I think Veena Malik is far better than those shameless parliamentarians who spend their nights drinking and watching mujras, while the people who voted for them sleep on empty stomachs, and even more empty promises. Of course we should never assume that all parliamentarians are immoral and corrupt, but I am sure there are many culprits as our elected elite are infamous for their debauchery!

The reason why Jamshaid Desti’s character is being assassinated in media is because he dared! Dared to speak the truth for once! I am sure none of the parliamentarians who are involved in these acts every night feel any remorse or shame, as this is acceptable if you are rich or an MNA/MPA in this Godforsaken country! Some are even claiming that their privacy has been violated? Why would chosen and elected members, who are representatives of the people, feel they need privacy from the people who elected them?

Also, when did Islam allows drinking alcohol and watching mujras in privacy and not in public?

They now tend to manipulate even religion to justify their evil deeds. I wish the people who elected these parliamentarians could have paid more attention to their character rather than their political background and financial status. I am sure that the Speaker of the National Assembly and all honorable parliamentarians should call for a transparent inquiry of the incident and must take necessary actions, against those found guilty. This will ensure that the people who are elected know that their future is in the hands of the very people who elected them, and that they have a responsibility to represent them as promised. But will they do so?


Lahore, March 1.