Whether it is the largest number of people waving the flag or making the largest human flag, we may be setting or breaking world records but I would like to know what it is that we have achieved? What good are these records when a major part of our population is living below the poverty line and their numbers are increasing every day. The increasing unemployment rate, specifically among the youth, is very alarming because the society will have to face the consequences soon.

The unavailability of affordable education to the masses, poor healthcare facilities particularly in the rural areas, terrorism, energy crisis etc. have all made life a living hell for the general public. It is time we asked the government to look seriously at the problems and resolve them. Some institutes are forcing students to participate in these events at the expense of their study time. Lets forego false pride by making new world records. Our nation does not become great by making these records, but by being a nation that should take pride in the hard work of its people, honest organizations, development and progress. The devotion and integrity of its people makes a nation great, not breaking or making useless records!


Lahore, March 1.