LAHORE: PTI Women’s Wing Punjab President Syeda Saloni Bokhari in a statement has said that PTI women wing sends out heartfelt condolences to the families of the Islamabad blast victims. “We pray for those victims who died so tragically and for their families to bear this irreparable loss,” she stated.
The recent killings have reiterated Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf’s stance that the government has a mammoth task before it to provide security to the people and every possible measure must be taken to safeguard the lives of innocent people, she said.
“That the Capital has once again seen an attack on the judiciary is lamentable. At a time when Pakistan is trying to rebuild institutions, this horrific attack on one of the pillars of the State comes as a major setback.”She said that when the nation is looking towards peace negotiations such incidents create a climate of distrust and controversies and all trace of hope is lost.–Staff Reporter
Saloni Bokhari said that the people must unite at times like this and send a clear message to those who are involved in terrorist activities, that though they have created havoc, we, the people of Pakistan, are fighting for our survival and we will not let anyone crush our spirit or take our independence.