LAHORE  - Security agencies, following a tagging exercise, have declared around 12 religious seminaries and eight NGOs operating in the Punjab as ‘grey’, it is reliably learnt.

Moreover, some ‘sleepers’ of the Indian external intelligence service, RAW, have been busted in South Punjab. They were involved in distribution of hate material to fan sectarianism, besides employing other tactics to carry out subversive activities under the garb of religion.

Contacts close to the top security services told The Nation on Wednesday that during the registration of unregistered seminaries, around 12 seminaries had so far been found, which were facilitating the militant groups fighting the security forces.  Moreover, the province has identified around eight NGOs involved in the activities inappropriate to their charter. Surprisingly, most of the mentioned seminaries and NGOs were operating in South Punjab.  According to the contacts, the operations of these seminaries and NGOs have been brought to an end by the security services. The names of these organisations are likely to be made public after thorough background inquiries.

Making revelations about the RAW network in South Punjab, the sources said: “The RAW operatives picked up from southern parts of the province are, in fact, sleepers of the Indian external secret service, who had been under surveillance for some time and busted after solid information.”

They further said: “The security services had been watching this sleeper network for some time, which had linkages in interior Sindh and its capital, Karachi. The RAW operatives were managing hate material to fan sectarianism starting from South Punjab up to Sindh. The security services also found printed letters, inciting various sects for bloodshed, while the RAW operatives emboss the letters with the names of certain religious parties to make them authentic and impactful.”

Punjab Home Minister Col (r) Shuja Khanzada, when contacted, endorsed the information and said, “I cannot give the number of the seminaries and NGOs tagged as grey by the security services at this stage, but reports have been submitted to the joint security apparatus operating in the federal capital.”

Similarly, he confirmed clamping down some RAW activities in South Punjab, but said the operations were carried out by special sections of the state’s premier secret services.

When asked about the possibilities of Zarb-e-Azb-like small operations in certain parts of the Punjab, he said, “There is no major disturbance in the province, so I don’t think we would be needing operations at the level of Zarb-e-Azb. However, premier security services, with the assistance of their special units, are already carrying out actions where a high-value target is identified. At the same time, joint operations to root out terrorism have also been carried out by the military and civilian security services.”