Scores of kiln workers continued their sit-in for second day on Tuesday at Gojra’s Malkanwala chowk against the bonded labour and payment of less than the government-fixed wages by the kiln owners.

Addressing the participants, Labour Qaumi Movement district president M Shabbir said that the district administration had failed to get implemented the government’s notification regarding minimum wages of Rs888 per 1,000 bricks. He said that the kiln owners paid them Rs500 to Rs600 to them. He announced that the sit-in would only be ended after acceptance of their demands.

Separately addressing the media in Gojra Press Club, former District Council Minority member Ayub Anjum, Advocate Rana Umair, PML-N Minority Wing district president Rasheed Jalal, Asia Mursileen, Gojra’s Perish Priest Fr Simon and Klement Kemy claimed that the kiln workers and their families were being used as bonded labour by the kiln owners.

They added that besides refusal of the kiln owners to pay fixed minimum wages, social security cards were also not being issued to the workers. They asked the DCO to pay attention to the issues of kiln workers.