Unveiled with great and solemn self-importance, after a teaser shot of a pair of scissors and a comb on Instagram, here is the essential haircut for 2015.

Cheryl Fernandez-Versini - pop starlet turned X Factor Judge - has revealed she has had her image-defining mane of long extensions snipped off. ‘Long overdue!’ she sighed on Twitter. What remains, after the attentions of her regular hair stylist Paul Percival, is a neat, layered bob, with some backcombing around the crown and shorter layers cut into the nape of the neck. Considering that she is the face of beauty giant L’Oreal, who pay her around £250,000 a year to promote their hair products, the restyle is a bold move. And you can bet that the new look will have an influence on the High Street, as Cheryl, now 31, is idolised by thousands.

They may not buy her albums (her last release only managed to reach No. 7 in the charts before dropping back down), but they do buy her image. However, if imitation really is the sincerest form of flattery, then Cheryl must have a serious crush herself - on one Victoria Beckham.

For, it turns out, that where the former Spice Girl leads in the hairstyle stakes, so former Girls Aloud singer Cheryl follows. Whether it is a bob, a side-plait or a bun, it seems that Cheryl likes to borrow, or revisit, looks from her style mentor.

Of course Victoria, now 40, did it all first - from a career in a world-beating all-girl band to marriage to an England footballer.

The two women were even friends once, particularly during the 2006 World Cup football finals in Germany, when Cheryl travelled to watch her then fiance Ashley Cole and Posh was there, too, with Becks.

However, relations between the two women became frosty after Ashley was accused of cheating in 2008, just two years after their wedding, and Victoria didn’t even call. Cheryl said she’d expected rather more from her fellow WAG.

In an interview in 2009, Cheryl said that Victoria’s clothes were for ‘older women’, and Victoria retaliated by saying that Cheryl’s range of shoes for fashion website Stylist Pick were ‘just a PR stunt’.