Reference to leader of opposition Khursheed Shah’s criticism of enhanced role of Apex Committee in Sindh, given powers of transfers and appointment in police. Shah must understand that legally elected provincial Government in Sind, has miserably failed to perform its constitutional role, of protecting lives and property because of political expediency and benefits from patronization of criminal mafia who have held Karachi and other parts of province hostage to terror and extortion. Getting elected for a five year term, is not like giving contract for fruit farm to trader by a landlord, but is voluntary role offered, by individual or party, to run affairs in accordance with rules already laid down, with no discretionary power for abuse of laws, occupying private or state land or any transgression of authority.

Karachi Baldia massacre took place in September 2012, resulting in burning alive of 289 innocent citizens in garment factory, which was locked from outside by arsonists, after owners allegedly refused to pay extortion money. Even after all this was revealed by JIT, during course of another investigation, that this was a planned massacre, no steps were taken by Sind Government to order fresh probe to unveil such a ghastly crime, which would ordinarily have shaken conscience of any other semi civilised society.

There is hardly any trader or businessmen in Karachi who has not paid extortion, most of them are patronised by political parties and religious extremists groups, in full knowledge of state and its various institutions. Law and order is poor all over the country, but it is not so openly and defiantly trampled as it is in Karachi. Profits from this criminal economy are being transferred to foreign off-shore accounts, through same irregular channels, which are utilised by corrupt elite, to buy expensive properties in Gulf, Europe, Canada etc., while eyewash decisions like ‘monitoring bank accounts’ of foreigners are being taken by Federal Government.


Lahore, February 20.