PESHAWAR - Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) two candidates for Senate elections from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Wednesday announced their retirement from contesting elections.

From Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, PPP had awarded party tickets to party KP General Secretary Engr Humayun Khan on technocrat seat and KP PPP Women Wing General Secretary Shazia Tehmas on women seat. Both candidates announced their retirement from elections at a press conference held here at press club, after submitting withdrawal applications with the Election Commission here in Peshawar.

Talking to media persons, PPP Deputy Parliamentary Leader Liaqat Shabab said that party tickets were awarded to five candidates to contest Senate elections from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, including Noor Alam Khan and PPP KP President Khanzada Khan for general seats and Humayun Khan for technocrat while Shazia Tehmas for women seat in senate polls.

Besides others, PPP candidate for Senate election Noor Alam Khan, former provincial president Rahimdad Khan, parliament leader Muhammad Ali Shah, PPP Women wing provincial president Nighat Orakzai were also present.

Shabab said that after dialogue with various political parties, PPP two candidates Humayun Khan on technocrat seat and Shazia Tehmas on women seats withdrew from the race and submitted applications with the Election Commission.

Brushing aside apprehensions of dealing with other parties, he said that PPP has worked on a formula with other parties to support his candidate on general seat and his party candidates will contest on technocrat and women seats. He said that PPP do not believe in ‘briefcase politics’ and want to hold free and fair Senate elections.

Besides, Noor Alam Khan said that his party awarded tickets to candidates on performance basis, adding former PPP-led government had made historic reforms by transferring powers from presidency to parliament and empowered provinces through the passage of 18th Constitutional amendments.

To a query about PPP opposition to 22nd constitutional amendments, Shabab said that PPP is not in favour of making any constitutional amendment in haste, adding political parties should also play their role to discourage the black business instead of taking support for further amendments.

He also criticised the PML-N led federal government for following meaningful silence over such constitutional amendments during its last two-year in parliament. “We do not support to go for constitutional amendments, because this was not right time to take the step,” he added.

Earlier, Noor Alam also criticised the PTI Central Chairman Imran Khan for attending National Assembly session on condition of constitutional amendment. “We want transparency and fairness in the Senate elections and the Election Commission should allow media to cover elections proceeding in parliament and all four provincial assemblies,” he demanded.