ISLAMABAD - On the last day of the Senate session, the house was informed on Wednesday that total 380 Pakistanis including 116 fishermen and 264 other people had been detained in Indian jails while approximately 1500 Pakistanis were imprisoned in different jails of UAE.

The house, that was prorogued earlier than its schedule, was informed that 38 Pakistani nationals were under detention in the consular jurisdiction of Washington. The main charges against them include drug possession, assaults, fraud/forgery, money laundering, driving under influence, immigration violations and shoplifting.

Advisor to PM on National Security and Foreign Affairs Sartaj Aziz through his written replies informed the Upper House of the Parliament that as per the list handed over by the Indian side on 1st July 2014, there were total 380 Pakistani prisoners detained in Indian jails including 116 fishermen and 264 other people on different charges. He said that the arrest, release and repatriation of Pakistani nationals was consistently raised with Indian government.

"As soon as the information on arrest of any Pakistani national is received, our High Commission in New Delhi approaches the concerned Indian authorities for consular access. After meeting the prisoners in the jails, national status of the prisoners is confirmed, as per the standard," he said.

The Advisor to PM also told the house that there were approximately 1500 Pakistani prisoners imprisoned in different jails of the UAE on various minor and major crimes including illegal stay in the UAE, theft/robbery, fraud/embezzlement, murder and drug related crimes.

Similarly, 11 Pakistani prisoners are awaiting capital punishment on drug trafficking charges and one on robbery in Saudi Arabia.

He told the house that during 2012, 875 Pakistanis during 2011, 840 Pakistanis and during 2010, 724 Pakistanis were awarded various punishments including death sentence on charges of drug trafficking, forgery of Iqama /resident visa, immoral activities, use of hashih and quarrelling. The house was informed that where it was possible, release of Pakistani prisoners was secured with payment of minor fines.

Sartaj Aziz while replying to supplementary questions said that the repatriation of Pakistani prisoners from UAE was under consideration through a repatriation treaty and the total number of such prisoners could not be ascertained at the moment. He, however, said that some of the prisoners were not willing to come back in the country as they were feeling better living conditions in the jails than the country.

Earlier, an opposition benches lawmaker Saeed Ghani sought the details from the government about the agreement made with Qatar for the import of LNG.

Speaking on a point of order, he questioned the first shipment of LNG was reaching the country in March this year and the government should tell at what price it was being imported from Qatar through an agreement. He said that the government was recently kept on saying that the agreement was not finalized for the import of LNG though its first shipment was ready to come next month. "The government would have to pay fine amounting to 2,72,000 US dollars daily to the company who had installed LNG plant in Karachi if it was not used," he showed his apprehensions adding that the government had neither made any agreement with IPPs nor SSGPL and SNGPL for its sale.

Parliamentary Affairs Minister Sheikh Aftab told the chair that attorney general of Pakistan was not available for his briefing on the issue of use of additional perks and privileges used by the former chief justice of Pakistan beyond his entitlement. He said that the chief law officer was busy in the Supreme Court on local bodies elections and would be available on next working day.

Replying to a call attention notice about the issuance of funds of ongoing development schemes for supply of gas in KP, he said that a summary for the release of Rs 7 billion had been sent to PM for his approval under the directions of the Supreme Court. "As soon as the summary would be approved, funds would be released and such schemes would be completed in KP and Punjab," he said.

With the prorogation of the session by Chairman Syed Nayyer Hussain Bokhari, the Upper House completed its 12th parliamentary year.