Quetta- Vice for Baloch Missing Persons (VBMA) Chairman Abdul Qadeer Baloch aka Mama Qadeer was barred from leaving the Karachi Airport, for the United States.

Baloch said that the Sindhi community in New York had invited him to participate in a book launch ceremony. He said that he was scheduled to go to Abu Dhabi before leaving for New York, but the FIA stopped him from boarding a flight despite he was cleared by the aviation authorities.

Baloch said that the FIA told him that his name was included in the ECL and he could not leave the country. Baloch, whose son’s body was recovered from a Quetta suburb in 2011, has been struggling to highlight the missing person’s case at various forums since then and he plans to go to Geneva to on foot to attend a conference on human rights.

Earlier, he along with relatives of other Baloch missing persons marched from Quetta to Islamabad to spearhead the case, in the Supreme Court and foreign embassies.