Does our education system teach us to memorise the content of our course books, rather than understanding it? Wistfully yes. It’s remorseful that in our Government run education institutes teachers emphasise on memorising rather than make the students understand the subject. Most of the content is repeated every year making it a boring subject. The world is moving fast, scientifically and technologically, but we still lag behind with the same rusted learning course and made to study it forcefully without any clear concepts and understanding.

This disorganised education system is producing mere memorising robots who have no idea of practical or applied learning. They never get to read anything out of their course books. They have hardly any knowledge about the world. This is the reason why our education board students fail to compete with the students of international education standards. The fault the student’s but of the system, which moulds them. We can only progress when our youth is smart and efficient. For that the students should be taught to use their minds and skills, to understand concepts and ideas.


Karachi, February 18.