A:     Whenever I watch Hollywood movies, the thing that strikes me the most is most of their high school students don’t have to wear a uniform. No wonder their society is so fragmented.

S:     We have schools who don’t have uniforms too, and they have schools with a uniform too, I don’t see how you’ve linked it all with individualism.

A:     See I think wearing a uniform while in school is one of the greatest upbringing tools we use, and we should ensure it stays that way. A uniform makes everyone equal. Clichés and classes are hidden under the uniform. There is nothing to distinguish between a poor student and a rich student, giving everyone the equal chance to succeed. Without uniforms, a guy like me would have been singled out at the start of the day, while rich guys like you would have had an obvious advantage.

S:     I think you are exaggerating the importance money has to play in a kid's school years, even still there are plenty of other ways for a class difference to exhibit itself; cash for canteen food, our bags and our mobile phones and which vehicle came to pick us up. It is inevitable. My real problem with a uniform is the one you praise; it makes everyone the same. There is no room for artistic impression nor can you carve out a personality for yourself, you are bound to follow the same mould as everyone else. It kills creativity and individual thought.

A:     Creativity is important, sure, but so is discipline and unity. Without these no human endeavour will succeed no matter how creative. A uniform instil that sense of unity, and in following it rigorously we learn discipline. See what I mean about individualism, if everyone is encouraged to carve out a unique identity, there will be nothing common enough in all of us to unite us for a single cause. The east relies strongly on a family structure, without uniforms, we might be losing that.

S:     I agree with what you are saying but I won’t go as far as to say that the family structure is under protected through uniforms.