LAHORE - PTI is the popular party of all the federating units of the country and not just of a single province, PTI leader Chaudhary Muhammad Sarwar has claimed.

Addressing a reception hosted in his honour by party’s senior leader Mian Mehmoodur Rasheed on Wednesday, Ch Sarwar also claimed that PTI would emerge as the single largest party in the result of next general elections.

He said PML-N, during the election campaign of 2013 elections, had promised with the masses that it would end electricity loadshedding in six months after getting power, but, instead of fulfilling its promise, it increased the tariffs of the electricity up to seven rupees per unit in just two years.

“The circular debt has reached to 580 billion rupees under the sitting government,” the former Punjab governor maintained. Sarwar also claimed that there were more than 200 million hundred children who have no facilities of getting education.

He held that there was no difference between the robbers and the police, while the institutions were destroyed due to their politicisation by the political parties of status quo. He added that Pakistan could not be called a welfare state without any standards, as the basic facilities of health, education and provision of justice were not available to the poor.