Pakistan have finally shown they have arrived at the World Cup to play some competitive cricket. Their match yesterday against UAE was probably the easiest match in the pool but given Pakistan’s previous performances, a good outing was a must. Our team finally has some breathing space in the tournament and are fourth on the table. However, I want to point out some shortcomings of the team. Firstly, Misbah still lacks that killer instinct as a captain. Pakistan would have been in a much better position had they restricted UAE to 195. Their net run rate (NRR) would have been better than the West Indies. By the looks of it, it is going to come down to the NRR to decide which teams go forward in the quarter final. Hence, Pakistan should have attacked more and not let the match drag on till 50 overs. An extra man in the circle or an extra slip would have done the trick. Misbah can take some pointers from Brendon McCullum who is by far the most attacking captain in this tournament till now. Secondly, It is beyond everyone why Nasir Jamshed is still in the team. A batsman who gets out three times in a row on the same shot does not deserve to play at this level. Pakistan’s next match is their toughest against South Africa on Saturday. In order to put up a decent fight against them, a couple of changes have to be made in the squad. Nasir needs to be dropped and preferably replaced by Sarfraz. In all of this however, it is good to be back on the points table and to look towards a possible qualification in the quarter finals.

–Shaan Tahir