Former foreign affairs secretary general Akram Zaki has demanded that the rulers should provide basic facilities for the masses and curtail their “lust for power and money”.

He was speaking during a ceremony held to launch a book titled “Balochistan, its Politics and Economics” written by senior journalist Siddiq Baloch. It was arranged by the Archaeological and Historical Association of Pakistan.

He said that the government failure in running the state affairs was not a new thing and if the rulers failed to perform their duties, others will do it by restoring peace in the country.

Numerating various issues such as backwardness and the people’s persistent problems, he said that ignorance was the basis issue on the part of the rulers. He said that the remote areas of Pakistan including Balochistan, Gilgit-Baltistan, Thar and Seraiki region were ignored and never considered as part of Pakistan.

These regions are still backward, he said and added that Mekran became part of the Islamic State in 644 during the days of second Caliph and during the days of Hazrat Usman (RT), the whole Balochistan area had become part of Islamic State with its capital Madina.

He said Balochistan remained part of the Islamic State during the early period of Islam and also during the rule from Damascus and Baghdad. He said during the student days, he visited all the areas of Pakistan and kept abreast of various regions. Even he visited former East Pakistan when he was a student.

He said that the government had organised a conference of foreign ministers of the Central Asian countries in Quetta where it offered port facilities to the landlocked countries at Gwadar. He said that the first fish harbour or mini-port was built in those days. He confirmed the published reports that Pakistan government had purchased Gwadar on September 8, 1958 by then prime minister Feroz Khan Noon. He did not name the country which tried to purchase Gwadar from Pakistan. Dr Ghazanfar Mehdi said that the main cause of failure of the polices about Bolochistan is that the planners were totally ignorant of the ground realaties.

The author, Prof Dr Wahid Buzdar, Dr Samina, a professor of a University in Australia, Malik Iqbal, Bilal Ahmed and Shehzad Syed also spoke on the occasion. Special Prayers were made for the victims of Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Shikarpur, Lahore and Peshawar martyrs.