ISIS has become a big threat to the western nations, who are not only taken by surprise by the speed it has spread in the Middle East and also by the large number of westerners going to Syria to join them. There are many people asking the question as to how can ISIS survive and why are educated and well off Westerners joining them? In Pakistan, when NATO and USA armed forces took control of Afghanistan in early 2001, they allowed many nations to open their consulates and embassies in Afghanistan. India took the liberty of opening 12 consulates on the border of Pakistan and Afghanistan. Soon afterwards new insurgent groups started appearing in Pakistan. These insurgent groups were different to the Mujahidin forces of the Russian-Afghanistan war, which had little finance and had old used weapons. The newer insurgent groups had the latest weapons. Each fighter was paid a handsome monthly salary (around 250-350$), they also got food, clothing and ammo from the groups. Due to the high income and benefits, many local criminals joined these groups.

Although Pakistani people have been bearing the brunt of the Afghan Wars for decades, no one in Pakistan had ever witnessed the new techniques used by these insurgent forces, like decapitating their victims, flogging women in public or even targeting women and children. Due to this it became obvious that these insurgents were heavily financed and controlled by foreign organizations. Once these realities became clear to the counter terrorism forces, they used this information to squeeze out the insurgent.

With no more money, food or ammo, the local insurgents, who once boasted having many fighters soon started seeing them, desert. I am sure that if the Western nations want to stop ISIS, they need to figure out the supply chain of money and weapons because without money and weapons, no one can raise or manage an insurgent group.


Peshawar, February 26.