KHYBER AGENCY - Tribesmen of Landi Kotal on Wednesday demanded the political administration and security forces to expel the outlaw Tawheed-ul-Islam (Zakha Khel Peace Lashkar) from their areas, which is what termed inevitable for establishment of durable peace. In this connection they staged a protest demonstration led by tribesmen of Khuga Khel Tribe of Shinwari in Landi Kotal Bazaar on Wednesday. Mirajuddin Shinwari, Zerbullah Shinwari and Shah Mohammad who were leading the rally, said that the tribesmen of Landi Kotal are loyal and peace-loving people but some handfuls of Tawheed-ul-Islam (TI) are deliberately disturbing the peaceful environment of the area. “The supporters of TI are taking extortion from the tribal people,” they accused.

The protestors also came hard on the political tehsildar Landi Kotal for his rude behavior and said that he brutally thrashed prisoners in Landi Kotal lock-up. They said that consultation will be made with political parties and tribal elders to lodge applications with administration and security forces against expulsion of TI within ten days.