How many times have you observed wires hanging out from the main electricity poles on the streets of Karachi? These wires are basically illegal connections which people use to steal electricity. Power theft is a serious crime however, Kunda (hook connections) using people are adamant in committing this crime without any fear. PMTs have a fixed load base but these illegal connections increase the load on the poles, hence we witness burning of the poles and wires and breakdowns.

Since the persistence of Kunda culture, the honest electricity users have to bear the brunt in the form of power outage. Many anti-theft drives have been conducted to eliminate the culture of Kunda in the country but this is only temporary. We need a permanent solution for eliminating power theft from the core. The usage of Aerial Bundled Cable in the power network will prevent to connect Kundas through main poles. Areas where ABC is laid down shall see reduced line losses and reduced faults. I have a great knowhow since I am an engineer in the making and K-Electric using ABC is a big step which should be appreciated. According to the media reports, K-Electric has installed Aerial Bundled Cables in Lines Area and Saddar to counter power theft in the city.

With power thieves on the loose, I think it’s a good initiative and we should also play our role in supporting this initiative and be a part of positive change by rooting out power theft.


Karachi, February 11.