LAHORE - A 150-year-old wall clock installed in the Lahore High Court Chief Justice’ courtroom is not functional.

A British company’s made clock was installed as the Lahore High Court the then Chief Court was founded in 1866. Initially, three wall clocks were bought: one for the Chief Justice’s chamber, second for Chief Court and the third for the senior most judge of the Chief Court.

The sources said that few months back, the clock installed at the courtroom of senior puisne judge became dysfunctional due to which it was removed. They said it is third time that historical wall clock became dysfunctional.

An old man used to repair the wall clocks. The clock stopped suddenly due to some errors but the registrar office did not take any action when it was informed that the historic wall clock had stopped, they said.

The sources said the clock had been taken to the Hall Road for repairing now. When the registrar office was contacted, Registrar Tariq Iftikhar said the clock would be repaired within one weak period and would soon be installed in the Chief Court.

He said the functional and dysfunctional of the historical clock had no connection with the negligence of the registrar office.