Siddique Khan Baloch, the losing PML-N candidate in NA-154 by-election, got installed the state-owned tuff tiles on his own and his friends’ properties, disclosed a former companion of Baloch.

However, the Public Works Department (PWD) officials remained quiet on the issue; rather they supported the politician loot the government’s resources, he said.

The PTI worker, who was earlier a close aide of the losing candidate, disclosed that the latter got the tuff tiles installed from Super Chowk to the gate of his house while the construction material was to be installed on the road from Khanewal to Bahawalpur Road.

Likewise, on the road where the official tuff tiles were also installed, there is no house except that of Hafiz Saddique Araeen, a companion of Siddique Baloch . From the main road, his house is almost 400 feet away on which he got installed the tiles with the estimated cost of Rs675,000.

When Public Works Department SDO objected on the corruption, he was threatened to remain quiet. And the tuff tiles supposed to be installed on the road were installed in the landlord’s house.

When the SDO was contacted, he said that corruption had been done and government’s resources looted. He added that there were a number of people besides Hafiz Saddique who had taken benefits from Siddique Khan Baloch.