LAHORE - Rising concerns over Pakistan’s high debt-to-GDP ratio and weakening creditworthiness are pressurising the rupee, which saw a low of Rs104.02 and a high of Rs105.01 against the US dollar on Friday, the last day of the week, according to FXTM’s February Currencies Roundup.

Quoting the International Monetary Fund estimates, the roundup said that debt-to-GDP ratio is heading towards 65 per cent at $70.2 billion. Country’s GDP continues to lag behind its regional rivals,” according to FXTM’s roundup.

However, the external debt figures estimated by noted economists are about $14 billion higher than the projections made by the International Monetary Fund. Roundup said that Pakistan’s external debt is projected to grow to $90 billion in the next four years and the country will need $20 billion a year just to meet its external financing requirements.

The government is not including CPEC loans in total public debt. There is enormous support for the CPEC in Pakistan but this game-changing corridor has financial implications for the country that have to be highlighted for better management of debt, it said.