Feminist struggle in Sindh not only face threat from feudally dominated society but also fierce opposition from so-called liberal individuals and groups who pay lip service to women empowerment but use all their energies to stifle any real effort by true activists for gender equality.

For last two decades Amar Sindhu and Arfana Mallah, two daring women rights activists ladies in Sindh are facing such fierce resistance from their fellow academia and some big male names of civil society.

These brave women against all odds are struggling for the rights of women and have turned all male dominated barriers in the way of women rights. Women Action Forum headed by Amar Sindhu and Arfana Malla have some remarkable achievements on their credit, some years ago, Amar Sindhu immediately reached the venue when a mentally challenged man was lynched and his body dragged and burned alive by religiously fanatics mob in Seta Village in Dadu District and bravely wrote against this madness. When religious extremists exhumed body of Bhoro Bheel saying they will not tolerate the body of a non Muslim in Muslim cemetery the groups of these women reached the place and celebrated the day titled “Bhoro our brother”. The group has also setup a literary meeting place called Khanabadosh which besides playing vital role in revival of literarily luster in Sindh is also helping in demolishing outdated norms where only men have to sit, debate and lead the discourses on political, social and every issue on earth. At Khanabadosh women sitting on café and debating issues and arranging literary events is a novel and refreshing development historic city of Hyderabad. But due to the jealousy factor some elements have started vicious campaign of maligning the group of these brave Sindhi women activists on the tenuous ground of morality, seeking promotion and such other laughable allegations.


Johi, February 12.