LAHORE - MQM rebel leader Mustafa Kamal says they will launch their new party with a name that will not be mere an alphabetical extension of the Muthidda Qaumi Movement.

This party will also be different from the existing MQM in character as it will be a national party, the former Karachi Nazim told The Nation in an exclusive interview yesterday.

“We are not going to launch another Haqqiqi and we will come up with a new name for our political party that will not be regional or ethnic in character.”

Mr Kamal remained tight-lipped about contacts with leaders of his former party but at the same time he neither denied nor confirmed contacts with some young lot leaders of the MQM.

“I cannot comment at this stage who is in contact with us from my former party, what I can say is that I have been receiving many phone calls from my friends which include political figures,” he said, when asked about contacts with Raza Haroon, Faisal Sabazwari and few others.

Pressed to give a timeframe for naming his party, he replied: “We are likely to form a consultative body with the inclusion of likeminded in our camp to name our party but it will take some time.”

Asked how does he deal with members of his former party’s militant wing while throwing a political challenge, Mr Kamal insisted: “I did not come back to pursue gun-politics as this was one of the main reason I left MQM. I will face my opponents in political arena which does not need a gun.”

“I would never leave the MQM if I had to practice the gun-politics. Having said that, I would add there are few among the MQM, the close aides of Altaf Hussain, who advance gun-politics agenda.

“I and my colleagues will not indulge in politics of sanctioning hits on the life of our opponents. We will end violent politics and anyone who differed with us neither would be called a traitor nor killed.

When asked why did he only addressed Muhajir community in his Thursday’s media conference if he intends to form a national party, Mr Kamal claimed: “It was only to counter Altaf Hussain who was making bids to exploit the Muhajir card. The constituency of our party will be the entire Pakistan.”

Defending Anees Qaimkhani, co-pilot of his unnamed party, for his alleged connections with MQM’s militant wing, he said: “Militant wings operate from outside Pakistan and Mr Qaimkhani remained in the country when he was deputy convener and before that.”

When asked if South Africa, Malaysia, Bangkok and Kenya were the residence stations of MQM hit men, Mr Kamal said: “That was the news when I was part of the MQM.”

“The hits on the life of opponents were sanctioned from London, this is what I heard when I was in my former party,” he said replying to query.

“I have no documents relating to Altaf Hussain’s connections with RAW as I was only part of the briefing in which it was revealed that MQM chief was getting funds from Indian intelligence agency,” said Mustafa Kamal when asked if he had any proof of his claims about this.

“Who else is connected with RAW besides MQM chief?” he was asked, and the reply was: “Muhammad Anwar is top on that list with Tariq Mir as his lieutenant.”