WAZIRABAD: PML-J leader Hamid Nasir Chattha has demanded deployment of Army in NA-101 to supervise the upcoming by election, saying that the PML-N always “used police force for rigging”.

He was addressing a corner meeting at the residence of Shabbir Cheema at Wazirabad. Hamid Nasir Chattha stated that de-seated MNA Iftikhar Ahmad Cheema and his allies including gunmen assaulted an independent candidate and his lawyer when they raised objection over the candidature of Cheema on scrutiny day. They were of the view that the de-seated MNA does not fulfill the condition of Articles 62 and 63 of Constitution of Pakistan, he said.

Then, he also alleged, the PML-N leaders forced the police to register case against PTI’s candidate Ahmad Chattha and his covering candidate Fayyaz Chattha while they were not present in the RO Office when the incident took place. “In the situation, how we can trust in the government and the police,” he said. He added that their demand of deployment of Army in the constituency is justified for transparency of election and stopping the government from any sort of interference in the process. He further added that PML-N’s candidate has support in PP-103 and PP-104 while Ahmad Chattha depends on the support of the people of Wazirabad. “Pakistan is in the grip of dishonesty, incapability and corruption for 8 years. The government has presented state institutions including those profitable for sale just to collect money. Everybody knows how the money is utilised,” he said.

He noted that volume of international debts is huge while the national economy is not so strong that it may return the debts according to schedule. “As per the international law and principles, if debts are not returned, the defaulter country may be declared a failed state. If it happens, it will be a humiliating situation for the nuclear-capable country,” he said.

He added, “Imran Khan has still not been tested as a leader of Pakistan. I don’t know how he will run the country as primer but I am sure he is neither himself dishonest nor will allow anyone to play foul. I pray may Allah bless him with premiership and courage to save national income that is collected from people through taxes, make the life of common man easy and save Pakistan from any disaster.” A leader should be clean handed and sincere to people and country, he said. He added that there was no government in Pakistan as the people have to face hardships to even get justice and rights. “When a murder takes place, the heirs have to put corpse on a road and block the communication means then police take action,” he regretted. He said that the government use police for its vested interests. Earlier, the host of corner meeting Shabbir Ahmad Cheema stated that Cheema has been in power for eight years but remained silent whole time in Assembly which means Wazirabad was also remained deaf and dump during the period. “Cheema could not even make Wazirabad Institute of Cardiology (WIC) functional which is an approved and completed project. The people will not vote for such a candidate again as concealed his assets violating law and certified dishonest person,” he said.